Best Places to view Cherry Blossoms in Seoul

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You will know that spring has finally arrived when the temperatures are milder, birds chirping, frogs start to croak and yes, when your friends and loved ones start planning where to go to view pretty pink petals of the sakura blossoms! It is also the perfect time for you to go outdoor and enjoy those picnics with your friends and family beneath the cherry trees and how can we forget, those romantic strolls with your significant other in this cooling weather. 🙂

There are many places where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the wonderful city of Seoul, South Korea. And suddenly, Seoul has become prettier with the blossoming of sakuras and its falling petals! So go ahead and see for yourself the spectacular scenery at cherry blossom festivals that will take place in Seoul in 2017!

Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

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The Yeouido Spring Flower festival is by far the most popular among the locals and foreign visitors alike when it comes to viewing the blossoming of the cherry flowers. It is also known as the Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. With over 1600 cherry trees planted all over this small island, Yeouido truly takes on a life of its own come springtime! 🙂 The pink and white canopies of the cherry blossoms throughout this island will leave many visitors in awe, “ooh-ing”, “ahh-ing”, “so pretty!”, let’s take a picture/selfie/wefie!” are many of the common phrases you will hear when strolling about this little island.

This sakura paradise is further enlivened by various cultural and musical performances and food vendors selling everyone’s favourite food snacks! One way or another, you cannot resist buying some food and munch on them while enjoying the bewitching sakuras. 🙂 Be sure to check out the day and night viewing of the cherry blossoms as both offer different perspectives. Come night time, the cherry trees are illuminated in different lightings and it truly offers a different scenic beauty of the blossoms.

Getting there : Take Seoul Subway Line 5 to Yeouinaru Station (Exit 1), or Subway Line 9 to National Assembly Station (Exit 6)

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Hangang River Park is a must see while visiting the island. The floating stage on the river play host to many concerts and dance performances throughout the year, and there are bike rental facilities and a playground for young children. This park makes a great picnic spot during spring and summer times.

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

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This cherry blossom festival was just started 4 years ago and its gaining popularity year after year! Because this festival lasts only 3 to 4 days, its best to head down fast if you and your friends want to enjoy the variety of performances, exhibitions and activities.

Some could just spend hours sitting there and soaking up the beautiful scenery of falling pale pink petals. Coincidentally Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is nearby Lotte World amusement park. You can plan yput trip to the Lotte amusement park and head over to the festival to enjoy the cherry blossoms after that! 🙂

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Getting there :

Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 2 or
Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit 10.
Seokchon Lake is located about 200m ahead.

Kyunghee University Cherry Blossoms

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Located in the northern part of Seoul, Kyunghee University’s cherry blossoms are worth the trip once you see them against the blue azure sky and the medieval architecture of university halls provides a unique backdrop to the white and pink flower petals. The university is open to all visitors except the school halls, libraries and other administratie areas. Walk around and immerse yourself with all the various sakura trees.

And if you are a fan of pizzas, don’t forget to give ‘Korean’ Pizza a try when you alight! This area is famous for their seafood pizza! 🙂

Getting there :

Seoul Subway Metro Line 1 or the Junang Line to Hoegi Station

Kyunghee University address : 26 Kyungheedae-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Seoul Palaces

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There are altogether five grand palaces in Seoul and boy, these are all great places to view those pretty cherry blossoms! The five palace names are Changdeokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Unhyeongung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, arguably the most popular palace within South Korea have many excellent spots for everyone to pose with the cherry blossoms. The same can be said of Changdeokgung Palace! 🙂 Sometimes these palaces are get a little crowded and you may want to head down to the lesser known Changgyeonggung. Hidden away behind Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung palace is best reached by taking a bus or subway to Hyehwa station, upon getting there you will be awed by all the floating pretty petals of cherry blossoms around the palace compounds.

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Hidden away behind Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung palace is best reached by taking a bus or subway to Hyehwa station, upon getting there you will be awed by all the floating pretty petals of cherry blossoms around the palace compounds. And if you are lucky, you can spot a beautiful shower of cherry blossom petals raining over Okcheongyo Bridge.

It is said that during the Japanese rule, the Japanese planted trees all over the palace’s compounds, hence come spring the entire palace becomes adorned with flowering sakuras! 🙂

Getting there :

Hyehwa Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 4.
Go straight following Daemyeong-gil road, cross the intersection, turn left, and
continue for 300m to arrive at Changgyeonggung Palace. (Travel time: approx. 20-25 min.)

Ilsan Lake Park

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Ilsan Lake Park, is also known as “Flower Park,” This pretty park is home to a large number of flowering shrubs and trees, including 1,800 cherry trees. The majority of the cherry trees are situated in the middle of the park. And if you love to watch illuminating lights wrapped around the cherry trees after sunsets, you will be awed by the romantic atmosphere as you watch the cherry blossoms and lights reflect upon the lake. The large lawn carpeted with soft green grass is open for visitors to enjoy picnicking this wonderful spring season. Other popular attractions near the park include cultural events at Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center and shopping at the Western Dome.

Getting there :
Jeongbalsan Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2.
Ilsan Lake Park is located 500m from the station. (Travel time: approx. 10 min.)

Seoul Forest

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This unique forest is found right smack in the middle of the modern and sophisticated city Seoul! 🙂 You will be surprised to know that this place doesn’t draw the same crowds as the other cherry blossom festivals during springtime, hence making it a perfect place for picnics and peaceful strolls while viewing sakuras.

So call over some friends, bring a mat and some snacks and you could have a lovely picnic under the cherry blossoms. Or call for food deliveries for Chimaek (fried chicken and beer combo), jjanggmyeon, jjangpong, tteokbokki and many others! 🙂


Seoul Grand Park (Gwacheon)

The large lake in Seoul Grand Park has many cherry blossom trees surrounding it, hence come spring time, the falling pretty petals of the cherry blossoms makes the place a pretty and unforgettable sight. Furthermore, there is a zoo, an amusement park, and a modern art museum within Seoul Grand Park itself for you and your travelling mates to walk about other than enjoying the Cherry Blossoms. As the zoo invariably attracts families, those of you looking to avoid children at the weekend might consider Seoul Forest a better option. The large park isn’t usually that busy, and will certainly be quieter than Yeouido. Bring a mat and some snacks and you could have a lovely picnic under the cherry blossoms.

As the family crowds and visitors visiting the zoo and amusement park gets bigger, those of you looking to avoid large crowds, long queues and noisy atmospheres and prefer to spend a quiet weekend enjoying the cherry blossoms might consider Seoul Forest a better option instead. The large park isn’t usually that busy, and will certainly be quieter than Yeouido.


Seoul National Cemetery at Dong Jak

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While most people head out to the more popular spots to catch the blossoming of the pretty cherry blossoms during early April. Cherry blossom viewing at the Seoul National Cemetery offers a less crowded and peaceful alternative from the maddening crowd. The serenity of this peaceful place lets one appreciate the beauty of the its weeping cherry trees, which have flower-covered branches that hang low and swing during wind breezes. The elegant weeping cherry trees fit the sombre mood of the cemetery.

Besides viewing the cherry blossom, there are also photo exhibits and memorial monuments for everyone to browse upon. A Different festival is held in every April with varied sightseeing activities to enjoy weeping cherry blossoms fully within this area.

Programs Include – Ministry of National Defense special military band &

– Ministry of National Defense special military band & honour guard ceremony
– National Cemetery honour guard shift changing ceremony
– Ministry of National Defense exhibition of photo and art pieces
– Health experience Hanmadang of Dongjak-gu Office (Dongjak Health Center)
– Tour at the Patriotic’s Path & writing letter of appreciation to the Patriotic’s soul (souvenirs provided)
– Cherry Blossoms photo contest and photo exhibition
Performance Times : 09:00-21:00


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This area is popular for dates as it is famous for its restaurants, quirky cafes, and shops! Samcheong Park is full of cherry blossoms come springtime. While strolling around, one gets the feeling that this place is huge and tranquil with all the trees all spread out evenly. A picnic at Samcheong Park is both romantic and great at any time.

Namsan Park

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Did you know that the Cherry Blossom Path along Namsan Park has the longest avenue of cherry trees? And needless to say, this place is breathtaking beautiful when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom! 🙂

The festival features many events including a cherry blossom lighting ceremony at night, walking tours and street performances. If you are there during day time, walk along the Namsan Circular Road, which connects Namsan Library to Namsan Octagonal Pavilion and the National Theatre of Korea at Jungchung-dong, there you will be mesmerised by the beauty of blooming forsythias, azaleas and of course cherry blossoms.

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